1. NLP
    Moscow, Russia
  2. Knobx
  3. Gough Vs Gnowee
    Paris, France
  4. 0kill
    Paris, France
  5. Subpop Squeeze
    Czech Republic
  6. Electronic Yellow Jammer
    Paris, France
  7. Ultima Orb
    Bengaluru, India
  8. Mike Rubin
    Fair Lawn, New Jersey
  9. Cafe Creme
    Paris, France
  10. Blue Robot
    New Hampshire


Alkemy Brothers Los Angeles, California

Alkemy Brothers consists of the partnership between Grammy award winning producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Porno for Pyros, No Doubt, Monster Magnet, Deftones) and multiple record label and music publishing companies owner Neil Nessel.

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